Sarah Sebo

I am a fourth year graduate student at Yale University pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. I work with Brian Scassellati in the Social Robotics Lab. I am interested in socially assistive robotics, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

My research focuses on the development of robot teammates that promote positive team social dynamics in addition to the reliable completion of assigned tasks. My work explores behaviors and cognitive models social robots can use to shape group trust, assist in mental model sharing, and enhance group psychological safety.


2016 PC Mag
My research on improving human-human collaboration between children using a social robot was highlighted in an article in PC Mag titled "Taking Robots to the Next Level: Small Talk and Bear Hugs?"
RO-MAN 2016
I presented my research on 'Improving Human-Human Collaboration Between Children With a Social Robot' at RO-MAN 2016.   Download PDF
Yale Computer Science
I passed my Yale Computer Science Qualifying Exam! Thanks to Brian Scassellati, Holly Rushmeier, and Dana Angluin for serving on my qualifying committee.